Stef Donev has a B.A. in history from CSU, Bakersfield (1997), and an M.A. in Mass Communication from CSU, Northridge (2001), He has also been gainfully unemployed as a full-time freelance writer since 1980. A former reporter for the Associated Press, in Detroit, the Toronto Star and other news organization in the U.S. and Canada, he has sold to newspapers, magazines, online publications and comic books in the U.S., Canada, England and New Zealand. His credits range from American Way, Cosmopolitan and Disney Adventure Digest to TV Guide, Urologists Sports Life and the Washington Post.  

A former gag writer for Bob Hope, Shari Lewis [and Lamb Chop] as well as other comedians, he has also written comedy sketches for TV as well as Saturday morning cartoons. He has also written live shows for Universal Studios Tour, Disneyworld and other theme parks in the U.S., Japan, Taiwan and Germany.

He has written more than a dozen children’s books, a number of short stories, two books with doctors and contributed to other health related books and online encyclopedias.

While continuing to freelance, he is currently adjunct faculty in the Communications Department at California State University, as well as at the Bakersfield campuses of the University of Phoenix and National University.

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